You need to eat to live, but you need to eat WELL to live well. It is now a proven scientific fact that the quality of our food influences not only our health but also our well-being.

The hectic lifestyle of our modern era has turned the essential rule of a healthy and balanced diet upside down.
Eat a healthy, balanced diet:
This good advice is familiar to anyone who cares about their well-being.[…]

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published on 07/04/2017 by Healthouse Partner - Spider PR London

Spain’s top luxury health and wellbeing retreat, Healthouse Las Dunas, launches ‘Digital Detox Programme’

From April 2017, guests at five-star health and beach retreat Healthouse Las Dunas will be able to experience a new two-night Digital Detox programme at the luxury spa on the Andalucian coast. After being named the ‘Best Health Hotel in Spain’ at the 2016 ROCA Hotel awards, Healthouse Las Dunas is launching the new Digital Detox programme to provide its guests with an escape from the stress and unhealthy habits developed as a result of our growing digital addiction. […]

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published on 23/12/2016 by Healthouse


Winter is coming and cold season has officially arrived. It might ‘just be a cold’ but feeling downright drained and sick doesn’t have to be. Take charge with simple do-it-yourself treatments that clear up your stuffy nose and soothe your scratchy throat. There are plenty of home remedies that can help alleviate your symptoms and get you back to well-being.
For generally preventing yourself from getting sick keep the following tips into your mind:[…]*

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published on 05/08/2016 by By Mara Betsch

6 Dietary Changes That May Help Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Is there an arthritis diet?

Anywhere from 33% to 75% of people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) feel that there are some foods that make symptoms, such as stiff and painful joints, better or worse.
However, the scientific evidence is spotty.
“There’s no compelling data that generalizes all patients,” says Nortin M. Hadler, MD, professor of medicine and microbiology-immunology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and author of Worried Sick.
“There are multiple trials, but the effects are minimal.” Even if some foods do alleviate RA symptoms, it would be hard to sort out individual diet factors, Dr. Hadler adds.
That said, here are six dietary changes that may be worth trying if you have rheumatoid arthritis. […]

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published on 24/03/2016 by Healthouse Comunicación

The first hotel in the world to introduce smart mattresses

Healthouse Las Dunas, the exclusive health resort, located between Puerto Banus and Estepona, is the first hotel in Spain – and the world – to offer an intelligent mattress to their guests. This is a revolutionary system, with NGmatt – technology, which automatically configures each time adapting to the morphology and positions of the user for optimal rest.
The mattress plays a very important role in preventing sleep disorders and health problems. We spend on average 8 hours a day lying on our mattresses and this period is a very important time for the body to relax, re-charge and rejuvenate both physically and psychologically.

This is the reason why Healthouse Las Dunas, specialists in health & wellbeing, , is offering its guests the innovative NGmatt (The Next Generation mattress) system in several of its rooms. NGmatt is the only intelligent device that is able to compare the data collected during the rest by its sensors in real time, throughout the night, with a medical database and in collaboration with the Austrian laboratory, known worldwide for its studies on sleep, * PRO SCHLAF *, to modify the structure of the mattress, so that it adapts to the user’s needs at all times. The result is a more efficient rest that improves the quality of life. […]

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