Overweight and childhood obesity are increasing worldwide.

What is the Healthouse program against childhood obesity about?
This program is a comprehensive method that has already had results, since most participating children reduced their body mass, have better physical perception of their body, a better mood, and above all, they have gained and learned habits for eating healthier and well-balanced.
The program is based on various key points which are: exercise, fun, games and a balanced diet consisting of teaching how to eat well without limiting meals because to set a limit while children are growing is a mistake. On the other hand, there is the psychological effort, keeping in mind that overweight children often have problems with other children which can create the same distortion of their body passing through a serious adolescent’s depression.

What age is the program for?
Children between 10 and 17 years who are overweight or obese, who have to learn healthy eating guidelines, and to whom we explain the importance of exercise as long as they are not already suffering health problems.

What is the purpose of this program?
This program stands for giving as much value to the psychological aspect as nutritional. The level of the body mass index decreases. But the goal of this program is not only the weight loss in general but to teach healthy eating and living habits.
In fact, nutritional and dietary guidelines are tailored to their age and not based on reducing calories because they are in a growth stage. Weight loss comes by applying the correct guidelines and should always be followed.

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