The Naturhouse method is based on Naturhouse food re-education, not about restrictive diets, but learning to eat right. Clients flock to the center by pre-appointment to be seen by an entitled medical team, who take time to achieve the planned weight reduction and control.

The Naturhouse centers, presented in several countries all over the world, have a centralized technical support department which comprises medicals , pharmacists, biologists and nutritionists. The technical department is responsible for providing service and support to all franchises , in addition to developing and updating diets and to constantly train the Naturhouse centers.

More than four million clients were satisfied with the Naturhouse method because not only to get lose weight, but also because they may eat: the secret is in choosing and combining the right foods and assessment of the nutritional status of a client to physiological , biochemical and metabolic needs which are given during the ingestion consisting of the Naturhouse diet.

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Quality Lifestyle Program

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QUALITY LIFESTYLE is the health program which enables you to discover a healthier, more positive lifestyle and improve your quality of life. This program allows you to experience the general basis of the Naturhouse Method over the course of a year, which is based on the reeducation of eating habits, consume a healthy and balanced diet, learning to eat well, and achieving a fuller and healthier life for […]

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